Time Well Spent

Just when I’m finally sitting down, getting my thoughts together, and typing my very first line, I look over to see my son standing in the kitchen peeing into a Gatorade bottle. I guess the bathroom 10 feet away wasn’t as fun of an option for a little boy. Just as I’m processing that situation, my daughter comes running back towards the bathroom giggling and says “Whoops I forgot to wipe after I pooped!” Let’s just say I’m really glad she remembered and was headed back to fix it. There rarely is a dull moment in our house!

Hi friends! Welcome to our life. Our undeniably crazy but “wouldn’t change a thing” life. It was at that exact moment in my kitchen that the light bulb turned on. Instead of trying to think of the perfect words to put together into perfect sentences for this little blog, why not keep it real and raw? Because that pretty much sums up motherhood, right? The good with the bad. The ups with the downs. The beauty among the chaos. And guess what friends, most of us are right in the midst of this beautiful journey. Right in the middle of the best years of our children’s lives. We get to kiss their boo-boos when they get hurt, sing them lullaby’s at bedtime, wrap their cute little shivering bodies in a towel after a bath and snuggle them until they are warm, cheer them on at a sports game or recitals, and see their face light up when they see us clapping from the sidelines. I used to think that motherhood was just trying to survive each stage until the next easier stage came along; surviving the newborn stage so I can finally sleep, surviving the diaper and potty training stage so finally the only person I have to wipe is myself (Oh happy day)!, surviving the whiny toddler stage so I don’t lose my patience ten times a day.

BUT then it hit me hard…. I was innocently wishing my time away! Innocently wishing away the memory of how small a newborn diaper really is, and how quickly babies grow. Because I know someday soon enough my kids won’t be yelling from the bathroom, “Mom, I’m done!” anymore. And their independence will grow each year and eventually lead them away from home and into the next chapter of their life. So for now I vow right here and now to live more in the moment and treasure each day I was given with my sweet babes. Because that all too familiar saying “It goes by way too fast” couldn’t be any closer to the truth. I hope if you are one to tend to always look forward to the next thing (like I typically do) that you will soak in all the present moments with me. Even if it means soaking it in from tear stained cheeks on a bathroom floor because you just need a 5 minute break. And most importantly soaking in the truth of knowing it doesn’t make you a weak mom for doing so, but that it means you just gave everything within your being to your children that day, and you are refueling to do it all over again once that door unlocks. Soak in the challenges, the tiredness, and most importantly the joys! Because one day our babies won’t want us to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” anymore. And when that stage ends and the next stage begins it will all be just as beautiful. And we will truly know deep down in our souls that our time with them was never wasted but was always well spent.

3 thoughts on “Time Well Spent

  1. Beautifully written and all so so true! Look forward to reading your future posts😊 Motherhood is THE BEST even with all of the craziness sprinkled in between!😁


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